Padova the LGBTQ friendly city closest to Venice

Padova (Venice)

Padova the best place for LGBTQ to stay if visiting Venice.

City Overview

Padova is close to Venice and has LGBTQ nightlife unlike Venice. For centuries Padova was under the control of Venice, and its history is very tied to the city of Serenissima.

Most of the canals of Padua are artificial and were built specifically to allow boats from Venice to arrive.

Padua has a very dynamic and vibrant LGBTQ nightlife.

Getting Around

Walking is generally easiest way to get around the city or using the fully developed network of tram lines connecting north and south of the city.

Airport Transfer

Padova has no main airport. You can arrive by air in the nearby Venice Marco Airport (VCE) or Antonio Canova Airport (TSF) in Treviso.

The easiest way to get to Padova is to take a bus directly which are frequent and cheapest way due to distance which would be expensive to take a taxi.

Places to stay

Padova is a small town so if you stay close to the main train station or 1 or 2 stops by tram in either direction away from the train station.


Padova is a nice small city with lots of history, fantastic churches and architecture so good to explore for during your trip on the time you have free after or before visiting Venice.

Bars, Clubs & Parties

Padua has a very dynamic and vibrant nightlife.

Piazza delle Erbe is the place where people meet for the night and many bars in the squares are good places to drink an aperitivo, socialise or meet friends.

Padova has a mix of gay and gay friendly bars, cafes and restaurants as a very open-minded city. There are specific clubs for gay community only which require Arco membership to enter.

Flexo club is perfect for those who love bears and otters, which has been open since the mid-90s.

Fetish Bar\Cruise Clubs

Hot Dog club is a gay members club that organized various themed parties. Open since 2007 and aimed at all male members. The club has a bar, changing rooms, relaxation rooms, relaxation areas and smoking room. If there is a dress code for the night this needs to be respected to gain admission.

Officina Club is the place where the leather and fetish people prefer to hang out. Officina is a disco cruising bar open from Friday to Sunday. Open from 10.00 pm on Friday and Saturday and 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm on Sundays.

You will be given a key for a locker when you arrive to change and this will used for bar service so your consumption when you leave.


Metro Sauna is a private sauna club which also requires Arco membership to enter. Facilities include bar, Finnish sauna, Turkish baths, hydromassage, indoor & outdoor smoking area, relaxation rooms, showers, summer garden with whirlpool, solarium terrace, video area and Wi-Fi  


Currency – Euro (EUR)

Language – Italian

Visas - Not needed for travellers from the US, Canada and Europe

Best Time To Visit – February - September

Timezone – European Mean Time (GMT +1)

Homosexual Activity – Legal

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